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Henry Ekwuruke
By Henry Ekwuruke
Uche Urechukwu honoured by Good Fellaz Club

It was a watershed day for the Good Fellaz Club in Umuahia on Saturday 12th December 2015 and especially heartening for the Urechukwu's as one of their own Mr. Uche Urechukwu was honoured by the Club at Eastern Comfort Hotels, Umuahia for his outstanding contributions to youth development and for greater his efforts to channel finance into the growth of the club and humanity.

Martin Nwaokafor, an award receipient congratulated the Club President Obioma Akomas, the Vice Presidnet Philip Okaeme, the Secretary Comrade Onoka Ikechukwu and their team on helping steer the team to a successful outcome. The event, a considerable efforts by the organization towards inclusive and tireless efforts to support members over the years. "We owe a great debt of thanks to our members and patrons", said the President, Mr. Akomas. His team have been praised for their exceptional commitment, energy and leadership over the past years.

The event was attended by many dignitaries including Mr. Acho Ichite, MD - The Place.
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