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Henry Ekwuruke
By Henry Ekwuruke
Born to Burn

Aren't we born to burn?
Sunny days ahead, chilly days behind
Tragedic roads of life, we gait - enrolled
Pain is a messgae enveloped at birth

I have gained my fathers' trusts
The community stalled my progress with weights
Steedily and painfully, I am reborn
Only once have I the chance of change (reborn)

Relocation is ample in my temple
And we salute historical facts with cymbals
The sounded spirit of our overbearing hate
Steading and walking towards the road - upliftment
Handle my case differently
And confirm my heady nature!

We are speaking love and hate in beauty
We are burning with elementary deities of pleasure
Born to burn and ready to dance
Everyone's invited to celebrate, to dancing

It is our cooliest avenue to catch them - life
The districts of our closets, bumming and hatching
Experience in life is my hope for charity
For change, for life
I sorted girls who promoted my agenda
Fractured into commitment of no destination

My heads shifted and reasoned
Freedom freed himself from freedom
Hate caught love in the web of inequality
Kind messages were heard and believed
Because I wasn't born to burn!
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